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Spread Crafter's Oracle | Main Deck

Spread Crafter's Oracle | Main Deck

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Previously named Spread Machine Cards + Oracle, the Spread Crafter's Oracle is an all-in-one spread crafting deck & booklet set designed to enable + empower your spread crafting process & serve as the ultimate tool to your tarot, spiritual and personal development journey!

With this awesome deck of cards in hand, you'll be able to create millions and millions (literally) of spread combinations for yourself and anyone you read for!

You Can Use This Deck to...
  • Craft impactful spread layouts that are person-centred & growth-based for yourself and/or clients
  • Use as an oracle deck and do oracle readings on its own
  • Clarify tarot card meanings: yes, this deck is kind of a giant deck of clarifiers LOL
  • Enhance your journaling & self-dialoguing practice
  • Use as prompts for daily draws, intention setting rituals and affirmation-writing activities


How This Deck is Structured 

There are 92 cards and 5 categories in this deck. Being an "all-in-one" deck, Spread Crafter seeks to offer you a holistic and balanced outlook on life, including spread positions that highlight themes like…

  • Self-awareness (Seeker Category)
  • Focus & Life Areas (Focus Areas Category)
  • The love & light (Lightwork Category)
  • The darkness & shadow (Shadow Work Category)
  • Momentum & inspired action (Call to Action Category)

The 5 spread categories are clearly marked and colored coded, so you can navigate your spread crafting process quickly and easily.


What Each Card Looks Like

Each card is a spread position and contains a keyword as well as a few open-ended guiding questions or thematic word-clusters to help you interact with the idea in a flexible manner. 


Example #1:

  1. Keyword: "Self-Love"
  2. Guiding Questions: "What can you do to accept yourself, acknowledge yourself, appreciate yourself, validate yourself, cultivate happiness within yourself and grow into the best version of yourself? How do you extend love to your being?"
  3. Category: Lightwork


Example #2:

  1. Keyword: "Attract"
  2. Thematic Word Cluster: "To welcome and become available, to be ready, to hold & broadcast an intention"
  3. Category: Call to Action


  • 92 cards: 90 spread prompts + 1 customizable blank card + 1 quick-start card
  • Cardstock: standard tarot size 7x12CM + 350 high quality art paper + smooth matte lamination
  • Paper Magic: light lilac matte edges +
  • Box: storybook-style magnetic clasp box with transparent spot UV highlights
  • Guidebook: detailed guide to spread crafting, deck basics, deck categories, spread examples, spread creation prompts, full list of cards (90 pages)


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