Counterfeit Decks

Unfortunately, there are counterfeit and fake copies of Way of the Panda Tarot out there - on Amazon, Etsy, AliExpress and Ebay.

This page will help you identify counterfeit decks and tell them apart from the legitimate copies produced & created by Fables Den.   

Clear Signs of FAKE & COUNTERFEIT decks:

  1. Flimsy tuckboxes
  2. No guidebook & QR code only 
  3. No green matte edges on cards
  4. Smaller in size (6 x 10.5cm)
  5. Priced below $25USD
  6. Flimsy cards & paperstock  
  7. Sold on Ebay, AliExpress and/or Amazon
  8. Sold NOT by Fables Den (with exceptions, see below) 


Clear signs of REAL & AUTHENTIC decks: 

  1. Sturdy +  magnetic closure box with sparkly spot gloss UV + gorgeous rose petal finish that opens like a storybook 
  2. Printed guidebook INCLUDED within the box 
  3. Dreamy bamboo green matte colored edges on cards 
  4. Regular tarot size cards 7 x 12CM
  5. Priced around $55USD (the amazing indie price for its practical + aesthetic value!) 
  6. 350GSM cardstock with matte lamination to protect the artwork and last through a lifetime of shuffles 
  7. Sold on Fables Den Shop or Fables Den Etsy 
  8. Sold by a trusted retailer that has purchased directly from Fables Den

What to Do When You Spot a Fake Deck 

Many deck creators + artists like myself have poured their heart and soul into creating + producing their decks. Sadly, we face the plague of counterfeit decks on the daily. 

Here are a list of things you can do to help support Fables Den as well as fellow deck creators, artists and publishers for their original work! 

  1. Report it to the e-commerce platform or website where the deck is being listed for copyright infringement or selling counterfeit products 
  2. Message the sellers directly and send them a "cease and desist" message, letting them know that you know they're selling illegal copies of someone else's intellectual property (a lot of them won't care and may respond with triggering things or not at all, so please take care of yourself and do not engage them if you're not comfortable.)
  3. Post on your social media or share a post in tarot communities to let others know about counterfeit copies & raise awareness.  
  4. Adopt a Way of the Panda Tarot deck from Fables Den, the original panda lair :) 💖🐼

What to Do When You've Purchased a Fake Deck

  1. File for a refund if you've purchased on Amazon - I've heard they are pretty efficient with it.
  2. Leave a negative review on the seller's store account and make sure to indicate that this is an illegitimate storefront selling illegal counterfeit decks.
  3. Purchase an authentic copy from Fables Den or any other retailing stores that carry authentic copies (if you feel called to it and if you're able!)
  4. Share any post, website link or video from Fable Den to help spread awareness! 

This also applies to other counterfeit decks you may have purchased that are not from Fables Den. Please purchase from the original deck creators and their stores as much as you can.

If you cannot afford to do so at the moment, please help promote, share and spread awareness to Fables Den or the amazing deck creators & artists out there as much as you can! 

Official Places where Way of the Panda Tarot is sold: 

1. Fables Den Shop:

2. Fables Den Etsy:

3. Trusted wholesalers that purchased directly from Fables Den (list upcoming) 


With the exceptions of the tarot stores that buy from my directly through wholesale or individuals who have purchased an official copy and are now selling them second hand - if you see any store that is NOT Fables Den, which is the official store of Way of the Panda Tarot, it's likely a counterfeit copy.