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🐼 Way Of The Panda Tarot | ✨WONDER✨ Edition

🐼 Way Of The Panda Tarot | ✨WONDER✨ Edition

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Way of the Panda Tarot is a whimsical & playful reimagining of the traditional Rider-Waite Smith Tarot. This deck does not have complex esoteric symbols and is friendly to beginners. The gorgeous hand-painted watercolor art style with a clear white background allows intuition to flow easily and is great for intuitive readings - unlock the magic of these adorable bears and tap into their panda magic by "adopting" a copy today! 🐼


  • Sweet & affectionate: this deck gives infinite panda-bear hugs & gentle readings - practically a plushie deck 
  • Playful & lighthearted: the pandas don't take themselves too seriously, panda-rolling from one moment to the next 
  • Sassy & honest: these adorable bears do love to run their mouths once in a while, especially when you need it
  • Unconditionally loving & caring: quite literally never gives up on you no matter how you feel about yourself
  • Empathic & sensitive: these pandas definitely have some big feelings and are quick to pick up on your emotions
  • Inner child magnet: pretty sure pandas are just big kids themselves 


Main Themes
  • Healing + connecting with our inner children 
  • Experiencing joy, laughter & silliness
  • Embracing our quirks & seeing ourselves as loveable  
  • Letting ourselves feel safe, vulnerable and open-hearted
  • Feeling seen and loved for who we are without judgement
  • Allowing ourselves to rest, relax & enjoy life without rushing
  • Letting ourselves be at peace & being in the moment


Wonder Edition Specials
  • Includes all 5 bonus cards from previous editions: Caffeinate Panda, Stargazing Panda, Witchy Panda, Dream Space, Imagination Station
  • Newly designed transparent SPOT UV layer on deck box - butterflies & bamboo leaves that glisten when catching light 
  • Beefed up guidebook from previous editions! Tips on what to use this deck for + new panda-themed spread layouts 
  • 83 cards: 78 cards tarot cards + 5 bonus cards
  • Cardstock: standard size 7x12CM + 350GSM high quality art paper + easy to shuffle matte UV varnish
  • Paper Magic: bamboo green matte edges + transparent SPOT UV designs on card backs
  • Box: storybook-style magnetic clasp box with SPOT UV designs + rose petal finish
  • Guidebook: basic tarot introduction, panda messages + light/shadow attributes for each card entry, entries for all bonus cards, 9 panda-themed tarot spreads  (96 pages)


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