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The Spread Crafter's Oracle | Digital Workbook

The Spread Crafter's Oracle | Digital Workbook

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If you're getting the The Spread Crafter's Oracle (previously named Spread Machine Cards + Oracle) and you're determined to get the bang for your buck - i.e. you plan to use the crap out of your Spread Machine deck - the Spread Machine Workbook is the perfect add-on for you! 


A 12-paged fully colored PDF document containing the following: 

  • Create a Spread for Yourself Worksheet x 1
  • Create a Spread for Your Client Worksheet x 1
  • Spread Recorders x 3 
  • "Define for Yourself" Spread Activity Sheet x 1
  • "Manifest" Guided Ritual Activity Sheet x 1
  • Spread Machine Journaling Page x 1

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