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Crossing the Threshold | Tarot + Journaling Workbook

Crossing the Threshold | Tarot + Journaling Workbook

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"Crossing the Threshold" is an interactive tarot & journaling workbook themed around the death - death of an old self, death of a relationship, or death of a chapter in your life. This workbook walks you through ritual of holding a figurative funeral & laying things to rest to help you process your experiences, find peace within and move forward with power ✨

The Workbook

♥ a 36-PAGED interactive tarot + intuitive journaling workbook themed around (metaphorical) death & funerals
♥ follow the guided journaling prompts + visualization exercises and journey through a ritualistic funeral through your creative inner vision
♥ honor an aspect of your life or yourself that you’re saying good-bye to + tie up loose ends before moving forward and leveling up in life!


♥ this workbook contains 2 bonus spreads exclusive to this workbook: “The Autopsy: examining your cause of death” & “The Ghost After-Death Care”


♥ this entire workbook is built around the concept of experiencing a “figurative” death and the aftermath - so expect a collection of death-themed + darker vocabulary like funerals, corpses and such
♥ the overall “vibe” of this workbook is reflective and introspective in nature - it’s more about finding peace & healing through emotional catharsis and acceptance
♥ having that said, it is a (soft) shadow working workbook that urges you to process difficult emotions such as grief, loss, disappointment and despair, as well as to look at (potentially) unfavourable parts of yourself short, it’s a gentle workbook but has points of deep inner work throughout.


♥ 36 pages 
♥ This workbook is a digital .PDF file. No physical items will be shipped. 
♥ Compatible with Adobe Reader, GoodNotes, Notability & other digital planning or PDF reader apps.  

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