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The Book of Pandas: The Official Guidebook to Walking the Way of the Panda (PDF)

The Book of Pandas: The Official Guidebook to Walking the Way of the Panda (PDF)

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The Book of Pandas is the 277-paged official guidebook and companion book to Way of the Panda Tarot. Every panda you see in the deck has a name, a story, and a unique perspective on how you can channel power and move forward to level up in life. In this book, you will read about their adventures and adorable tales throughout the Panda Kingdom – e.g. just exactly what potion is Pandalf the Magician concocting for you to drink, or how on earth did Hercules & Mousey Valentine from Strength card met and became the ultimate dynamic duo, or – uh-oh, it’s too late now. The Hierophant has grabbed you by the shoulders and you have no choice but to listen to his grand epic panda lectures.

  • No need for an interview spread! This book includes an interactive tarot journey + visualization activity to begin your journey to the Kingdom of Pandas and break the ice with the deck
  • A Panda Personality Quiz - find out your panda score + how to navigate your inner panda-ness!
  • Learn tarot in a fun way - Book of Pandas features fantastical tales, panda adventures and character snippets from the Panda Kingdom – integrated with the archetypal wisdom and symbolism of tarot
  • 30 original panda-themed tarot spreads to help you work & bond with the deck + unleash your inner panda power!

  • Fun and whimsical panda bits & bobs to make you laugh – e.g. the constant breaking-the-fourth-wall interruptions from the Air Pandas (seriously, they stole my keyboard while I was editing), the full track list to Luke’s bamboo flute concert album (he ate his flute during his breakout performance because he was too hungry), and quirky character quotes or panda outbursts (“I NEED TO PUNCH SOMETHING!” – from Storm, the Knight of Wands)

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