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Spread Crafter's Oracle | Change Expansion Pack

Spread Crafter's Oracle | Change Expansion Pack

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The Deck

If you already have a main deck, this expansion pack will add 44 more cards to your spread crafting arsenal and unlock even more possibilities for spread layouts! Though it is an extension of the Spread Machine Cards + Oracle, Change is totally capable of standing on its own. You definitely don't need the main deck to make use of this deck! 
Like the main deck, Change continues on with the theme of introspection and personal growth, but delves into the realm of the shadow even more deeply - with a strong emphasis on self-inquiry + exposing any false programming that does not line up with the authentic expression of who you are. "Change" will challenge you to examine and unpack your triggers, your limiting beliefs, your wounds and your trauma...perfect for shadow workers and truth seekers who aren't afraid to get uncomfortable!

This expansion pack is also great for whenever you feel like you've encountered a controversy, a challenging opinion or a triggering moment - be it from your doomsday scrolling on social media, distressing current events on the news, or an argument with a loved one - you can whip out a quick spread with this deck to make sense of your feelings and what you want to do next to move forward.

"The wound is where light enters us." - Rumi

The 3 Categories

Change Expansion Pack has 3 categories, Shadow Work, Flux, and Call to Action.

  • The "Shadow Work" category is for acknowledging the difficult feelings you experience from an unhealed wound or unresolved shadow, while making sure that you're not "taking shit" from others because of their shadow!
  • The "Flux" category is all about the big ideas that influence the way you think and feel, and how you may change your opinion depending on your relationship with the person you are speaking to.
  • The "Call to Action" category is all about what you want to do next after you've sorted out your feelings and where you stand on things! What is the best way to communicate your stance and navigate tension? What will you do to become the change you want to see? 

If you're feeling called to do some serious inner work on how you can become an agent of change in your own empowered way, you'll find everything you need in the 57-paged mini guidebook in your deck! You'll follow the exercises in this guidebook and work through any hot-button issues that trip you up emotionally, honing in on your personal truths, your boundaries, and your vision for the kind of impact you want to make in the world! 

Deck Specs

The Change Expansion Pack comes with 46 cards (44 cards + 1 blank card + 1 quick start / info card) printed on 7 x 12, 350 gsm high quality art paper cardstock with smooth matte lamination - all housed in a sturdy 350gsm tuck box with double-colored printing & rose petal finish as well as a shiny layer of spot gloss UV and embossing! 


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