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Spread Crafter's Oracle | Quest Expansion Pack

Spread Crafter's Oracle | Quest Expansion Pack

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Are you ready to go on an adventure? 

Like the other decks in Spread Machine Series, this expansion pack wants to serve as your ultimate sidekick for your tarot and personal development journey - but with a fun and playful twist. The Quest Expansion Pack brings 44 exciting new spread prompts to add to your collection - fusing your love for epic fantasy literature, role playing games and swashbuckling action all into one. 

Right off the bat, Quest is going to cast you as Player One, or the Main Hero of your story, where your life experiences are not just life experiences, but episodes of a unfolding story or stages in a game. A breakthrough with your shadow integration work? Don't you mean High Scores from your recent Boss Fight in which you absolutely slayed with your Ultimate Move? 

Or how about the passion project you are planning, a.k.a. your Main Mission guided by the North Star? Oh, make sure to stack up on Mana Potions - consistent self-care goes a long way when you're trying to take over the world! 💪

Indeed...whenever you are feeling adventurous and you want spice up your tarot readings with the creative language of gamifying and "story-fying" - the Quest Expansion Pack will be there for you, ready to help you take your life to the "Next Level"! 

  • The "Character" category has everything you need to figure out what type of hero you are - e.g. your Strengths, Weaknesses and Lore!
  • The "Equipment" category contains helpful items that you can "carry with you" literally or figuratively to be more prepared on your adventures.
  • "Power-Ups" are magical items or ability boosts that add to your personal power and confidence.
  • "Statuses" are the "Power-Downs" and represent the moments of disempowerment and challenging moments we work through as heroes 
  • The "Embark" category contain spread prompts related to "epic journey" so you can use them to represent and navigate your life experiences!


If you're reading all this and you're going, hey, this sounds kinda fun, but I don't play games or I've never "gamified" before, so how do I use a deck like this? Don't worry! As always, I've got you covered. 😉 The Quest Expansion Pack comes with a 55-paged mini guidebook that has everything you need to know to get started with gamifying your life. It'll show you just how easy it is to use apply the language of gaming and your imagination to concepts like "shadow work" or "self-love", and guide you through a series of exercises to help you make use of the categories in this deck. 


The Quest Expansion Pack comes with 46 cards (44 cards + 1 blank card + 1 quick start / info card) printed on 7 x 12, 350 gsm high quality art paper cardstock with smooth matte lamination - all housed in a sturdy 350gsm tuck box with double-colored printing & rose petal finish as well as a shiny layer of spot gloss UV and embossing! 

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