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Spread Crafter's Oracle - Full Throttle Bundle

Spread Crafter's Oracle - Full Throttle Bundle

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The Full Throttle Bundle is a 3 DECK BUNDLE that includes...

  1. Spread Crafter's Oracle | Main Deck 
  2. Quest Expansion Pack 
  3. Change Expansion Pack 
  4. Spread Crafter's Oracle Digital Workbook

Totaling at 174 cards, the Full Throttle Bundle contains all three decks from the Spread Crafter's Oracle Series (previously named Spread Machine Cards + Oracle). By getting this bundle, you will be able to create infinite x infinite x infinite spread combinations that will last you several lifetimes! 😂 (Any left-brained geniuses out there that like to attempt the math?)  

With the main deck and the expansion packs, you'll have unlimited spread combinations at your disposal every time you sit down to do a reading, with more than 10 spread categories to choose from! You'll have spread positions that tap into growth and inner work concepts like shadow work, healing and emotional awareness from the main deck, and you'll have the fun, exciting and adventurous spread prompts from Quest whenever you want to create a fun but hard-hitting spread using the language of gamifying and story-fying. Then, when you feel like you're in a rut or you need to clear out some static form your throat chakra, and you'll get the hard-hitting truth-bomb cards from Change

In short - there is no end to the spreads you can create! There are so many uses and so many ways to utilize the Spread Machine Series -  and all in all so much creativity to be had when you invest in the Full Throttle Bundle! 

Want to see Spread Machine Cards + Oracle in action? Check out my video "All the Ways You Can Use Spread Machine" for a closer look! 


The Spread Machine Cards + Oracle deck comes with 88 cards (86 spread prompt cards + 1 blank card + 1 quick start / info card) printed on 7 x 12, 350 gsm high quality art paper cardstock with smooth matte lamination - and all housed in a dreamy magnetic clasp box with rose petal finish and shiny spot UV treatment! 

Both Quest and Change come with 46 cards each (44 cards + 1 blank card + 1 quick start / info card) printed on 7 x 12, 350 gsm high quality art paper cardstock with smooth matte lamination - and all housed in a sturdy 350gsm, double-colored printing & rose petal finish durable tuck box as well as a shiny layer of spot gloss uv and embossing!

Also, not to worry - the rose petal is just on the box to give it a luxurious feel - the cards are matte lamination and definitely smooth to shuffle!


If you're feeling anxious that you might get overwhelmed from having to handle all 174 cards at once - don't worry! Having three decks and so many spread prompts can be daunting for sure, but this is where the guidebook come in! Every deck in the Spread Machine series comes with a unique guidebook that will help you get cozy with the spread categories as well as what you can do to use each deck to its maximum potential. The guidebooks will also walk you through the important themes in each deck - e.g. making sure that you know how to gamify using the Quest deck, or how you can use the cards from Change to work through some of your toughest shadows and cultivate the medicine in your soul. 

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