Welcome to Fables Den's new shop front!

Welcome to Fables Den's new shop front!


It took me a long time to make this decision - after all, I already moved site from Wordpress to my SquareSpace at one point, and I really didn't want to do it again! I considered moving EVERYTHING on my main Fables Den website to keep everything in one place, but decided that it was way too much work. Besides, I'll have to rewrite the ENTIRE site directory - mapping out links and where things are. It just wasn't worth the labour! 

The reason why I am moving to Shopify is because Shopify is a platform that focuses on hosting e-commerce stores - and it has a lot of integration features that SquareSpace just doesn't have. For example, I am using Chit Chats to ship out my packages to y'all, and Chit Chats only integrates with Shoplify and Etsy and not SquareSpace.

Once I move shop to Shopify, I can import all of the order details and addresses with a few clicks of the button, instead of going through exporting order details, to organizing addresses on Microsoft Excel, importing again, and organizing...as a recovering workaholic and chronic traveler to burn-out-town, anything that helps me make my work easier is a blessing!

I know this is mostly behind the scenes stuff - so if you're just shopping, you probably don't really mind where you shop from. But let me just say that while I  looooved my SquareSpace site, but I should have started with Shopify from the very beginning! (Why didn't I!? Oh right. I already had a site on SquareSpace. Figured I'd keep everything there!) 

Another reason why I wanted to move to Shopify is because...*drum-roll for big announcement* I am beginning to transition from shipping everything myself to using fulfilment centers to fulfill my orders! I know many of you love the feeling of indie and knowing that the decks are passing through the creator instead of just being shipped out like a product. (I know you'll probably miss the pompoms I put into every parcel...I will too😭) 

But partnering with a fulfilment centre will really help me streamline my workflow, and free up a lot of my time so I can focus on what I love most: creating. Besides, everything will be pretty much shipped out on the same day as you place the order - and if you'll also be getting your decks sooner because fulfilment centres tend to have better working systems and deals with shipping couriers! 

Now that I don't have to worry about manually shipping out orders every week, I can focus on creating more decks, more courses, more resources, and more tarot-centric and level-up-life content on Fables Den! There is literally SO MANY things I want to create in the past year but have been a little bogged down by packing and shipping stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love every aspect of my work - but as I get busier and have more creative ambitions - I am constantly looking for ways to be more productive and expand my business! (Other than creating - I have a passion for free-spirited entrepreneurship, as well! I've never been one to follow orders or work for someone else 😂) 

With all things considered, I think it's a win-win for all of us. :) 

Right now, I'm still shipping out Spread Machine decks on my own + by hand - but the upcoming Way of the Panda decks will be pioneering for Fables Den as the first panda army to ever work with a fulfilment centre. The pandas are excited to be given new modes of transport - as they can get to you waaaay sooner and safer. :) 

It took me a long time to get everything started and sorted out - let me just tell you how nervous and scared I was when I was picking fulfilment centres. I spoke to several and finally chose the perfect one for my decks and my business. I hope I didn't drive the sales reps crazy with all of my neurotic and super-detailed questioning and my back-and-forthing 😂

Anyways. That is all for now! I am truly excited for all the changes coming to Fables Den...I have so much more to give, to create, and to transform still. I love you all and thank you for your support, you love and your passion in what I do. I will always hold it in my heart! 


Panda hugs,


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