Way of the Panda Tarot is BACK!

Way of the Panda Tarot is BACK!

Way of the Panda Tarot is BACK!

Way of the Panda Tarot is back...with an epic GLOW-UP!! Guys, I am so excited to introduce you to the new Imagine Edition - featuring a magnetic clasp box, colorful interior design, upgraded guidebook paper, dreamy bamboo matte edge, and a NEW exclusive bonus card, Imagination Station!! 😱

Ever since trying out lots of new paper options and box finishes via Spread Machine Cards + Oracle - the magnetic clasp box has now become my new standard. It opens like a story book and the satisfying magnetic "click" at the end....mmm! Heaven!!

On top of that, I am a sucker for a good box and this is one of the things that I really value when it comes to tarot decks. While the cardstock is still more important than the box itself, I find myself being more forgiving with the cardstock and other aspects of the deck when the box is well-done! 

To find out more about the new edition and read about the upgraded specs, please go to this page for the Imagine Edition, and this page for the Baby Panda Edition

Imagine Edition Special Giveaway! 

A 3-day giveaway is happening over at my Instagram @fablesden from June 7 - 9 - be sure to enter the contest and you'll get a chance to win the ENTIRE PANDA FAMILY!! Which includes the new Imagine Edition, Baby Panda Edition, the Precious Paw Pouch, the Bamboo Moon Pouch, and the Book of Pandas: the official guidebook! 

It's quite epic- you don't want to miss out! 

Pre-order SPECIAL!

Way of the Panda Tarot pre-orders are now OPEN! Throughout the weeks of June, you'll be able to enjoy a 10% off discount for either the Imagine Edition and/or the Baby Panda Edition. 

All pre-orders placed in June will also come with a FREE CANVAS DECK STORAGE POUCH...oh yes. The Precious Paw Pouch is back, along with a new design, the Bamboo Moon Pouch! You get to pick and choose which design you want.

To activate the discount, please use the promocode COZY at the checkout screen to receive 100% discount on the pouch. Note: you have to add the pouch to the shopping cart first for the discount to take place! 

Shipping ETA

The short answer is: pre-orders will ship the second week of July!

All the pre-orders will be processed and shipped out by a trusted fulfilment centre - and Way of the Panda decks are scheduled to arrive at the fulfilment centre at the last week of June. Ideally, shipping should commence within 2 days of their arrival (I'm told that they usually finish processing things within a day!), and I expect you'll be getting your decks much sooner than that. But since it's covid, and shit happens (LOL, I would know - the Spread Machine decks took forever to start production, finish production, ship, and pass the customs!) 

But yes, starting this year, all Way of the Panda and deck storage pouch orders will be taken care of by ShipMonk, a s fulfilment centre based in the United States (their customer service team is truly exceptional!)

Why Fulfilment Centre?

What does this mean for you? For one, you can expect to receive your package much sooner because of the efficient processing and productivity of the fulfilment centre. When I ship by myself, I only ship out orders once a week, and there's much administrative and organizational labor involved (such as importing/exporting orders, printing shipping labels, packaging, taping, and driving to the shipping depot to drop off packages) 

Personally, I will miss putting the pompoms into every single package and being able to sprinkle in some extra love and cute vibes😭...but one of my goals for my business moving forward is allowing more ease and space to open up in my life...so I can focus what I love and do best: creating!

As an indie business owner, I wear all the hats in my business and I do literally everything myself, and while I love and appreciate what I do - it's honestly a relief to be able to generate more automated processes to help me accomplish multiple things at once! I have a world to conquer, after all, and there's so much more I have to give, still! 

How about Spread Machine Cards + Oracle? 

I am still shipping out Spread Machine decks and Sparkly Lenormand decks by myself! As in like, the rest of the decks are stocked in my house, and I'm literally sending them directly to you from where I live! Once this specific batch is sold out, I will be printing more and they will be fulfilled by Ship Monk as well. My goal is to eventually transition to a fulfilment centre fully! 

Also, if you buy Spread Machine Cards + Oracle & Way of the Panda Tarot products together, I will be sending them to you myself! I have a tiny batch of panda decks with me in case of mixed orders like that. 

What's next for me? 

If you're curious about what I'm creating next...hehe. 

Ok, first of all, there are more pandas coming. I know I've been naughtily teasing you here and there, but there is going to be a Way of the Panda Oracle deck coming in the next year or two. I don't exactly when it will be finished yet - and I'd like to keep things flexible for now. I find that when I announce the dates too early, I stress myself out because I'm apparently constantly forgetting the fact that I am human and I don't have 50-hour days!!! 

I definitely want to create more Spread Machine expansion packs - my original plan was to create 2 more for 2021 and make them available in 2022, but after a year hustling for Spread Machine, my body really needs a break. Plus, I pumped out 3 decks in less 7 months last year for the Spread Machine series (actually...4! Since I also made Sparkly Lenormand "by accident"...or is it technically 5? Or 6? Since I printed the Baby Panda Edition too, and another batch of Dream Edition in early 2020!) 

I'm also working on a little tarot book. It's something that I feel the tarot world is missing, and I hope to add to myriad of wondrous voices in the tarot community by indie-publishing this book. It's technically not "new" new, but I'm beefing it up to the point of transformation...so I guess it's sorta new?

I'm keeping this book a secret for now, because I've learned that over-sharing at the beginning stages and promising dates or details stress me out to no end. I am someone who is really keen on keeping the promises I make and the dates I announce, and I just know that as soon as I blurt it out, I'll be pushing myself to complete it. And I've done that in the past 3 years. While I don't regret it, but I really need to take better care of my health from now on. I'm not in my 20s anymore. I is OLD!!! 😂😂😂😂😂


Anyways. My plan for the rest of 2021 is really just relax, and chill the fuck out. After 3 WHOLE YEARS of hard hustling, I think I deserve a few months break. I say break but I'm really still working 😂 because it's what I love! But no more intense big launches or projects due this year. Thank god! 


Panda fist bumps,


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