The Making of Align: Heart Affirmations Oracle

Last year, I went through what is commonly known as the Dark Night of the Soul (a.k.a. a Tower moment, if you sling tarot cards) - who I was, the life I thought I led, my entire worldview became deeply challenged by the perpetual numbness, stress and unhappiness I was experiencing.
Surely, now that I successfully funded a tarot deck and oracle deck on Kickstarter - surely I would be happy now? Wasn't this what I wanted? To succeed in my creative pursuits, to make a living off of my creations, and gain recognition from my community!? 
Like many others who went through a Dark Night of the Soul - I came to realize that accomplishment just simply wasn't enough to fill the internal void of not-enough-ness. With the help of my spiritual sovereignty coach and my determination to find a new way of being  - I plunged into the abyss to find myself.  What ensued was an incredible and difficult journey of deep (or more like painful) transformation....where I, uh, in short, caught up with a lifetime's worth of dissociated feelings, unresolved trauma and coping mechanisms. It was...arduous, to say the least LOL!! 
During this intense and grueling period of my life, I turned to words to fuel me with hope and power. I wrote affirmations for myself to keep me company on the dark roads to hell and back. I wrote them to remind myself of my incredible strength and my capacity to love and radically accept myself despite feelings of worthlessness and shame. I wrote them to reassure myself that it is OK to take up space, exist, and find safety in who I am. 
At first, I thought to create a deck for myself so I can carry the words around in a convenient fashion. Then it occurred to me that if I'm making a deck of affirmations...I might as well share my creation with the world, and spread the good vibes! 
And thunderous Aries fashion, I barfed out a deck. I mean uh, created and completed it in a blink of an eye.  
Align: Heart Affirmations Oracle launches on June 14, Tuesday, at 11AM PST! If you would like to support the first printing of this deck (and also get a MEGA Kickstarter exclusive discount) click this link to pledge!