Align: Heart Affirmations - FINE LINES EDITION! ✨

Align: Heart Affirmations - FINE LINES EDITION! ✨

My last update about my decks was the Align: Heart Affirmations Oracle (which I created during/post Dark Night of the Soul - a collection of affirmations and words/phrases of power that brought me back to a gentle, self-loving place in my heart) and now, the latest deck update - the NEWEST edition of Align: actually readalbe 😂

In a way, it feels like closing a loop. The past 2 years was a trial and "ultimate boss fight" to overcome all of my past relationship traumas, issues, negative patterns that kept me cynical, resentful and isolated in relationships...lots of EXPs collection in the area of love, and I had less attention dedicated to my creative online business. It was almost as if the first edition was an embodiment, a seed for my wish, my intention and my dream for existing & engaging in healthy + nurturing relationships - and the 2 years later, the lessons matured, wisdom fully downloaded, deeper self-love activated...and this deck wants to be upgraded, reborn and reprinted - again! 

If that's not divine timing, I don't know what is. 

Anyways - some logistics updates about this shop space! 💖

- new shop theme! the whole store looks up to date and streamlined (with the decks & other magical things I sell) clearly displayed on the main page. No more complicated "tabbing systems" and semi-abandoned wanna-be-website vibes. (My main website was kind of abandoned many dead links and old ass pages!! Gosh! *perfectionist cringe* I call it my Lost Years - the 2 years where I was stuck in a toxic relationship!) 😂

- I broke up with Etsy, LOL. As in like I'm closing my store-front for Etsy, for GOOD, and FOREVER. It was long overdue because Etsy and I have been in a toxic relationship for years. 💀 I never truly loved the experience because Etsy was such a bully to their sellers. I stayed so I didn't have to handle complicated tax matters and plus the marketing. But consider the algorithm nowadays are just geared towards watch-time and all the f**king counterfeit decks on Amazon, Walmart and Ebay are just overtaking the search engine anyways - what's the point? 

- I'm revamping my main site 🤩🥰😎 There are still lots of moving parts, plus I'm transferring my two digital courses: Level Up Court Cards & Spread Machine onto my SquareSpace main site, which will take time. But look at the new main page!! It's so cute 😭😭 ugh *cute aggression* 

- preorders for the new Align: Heart - Fine Line Editions will be available soon!! 

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