Way of the Panda Pre-orders Update: Slight delay with shipping, but moving along


Hello lovely people! 

I'm sorry for the lack of clear updates the past 2 weeks - I know I estimated for the pre-orders to be shipped out by the second week of July, and I apologize for not making that deadline.

There has been a slight delay - but pre-orders should be going out this week for sure. The shipment arrived much later at the fulfilment centre - and I was going through all the submitted orders in the system to make sure that everything was correctly mapped (shipping methods, addresses, order details) before they were sent out. This is taking additional time but I just want to make sure that you receive your pre-orders smoothly! 

I appreciate your patience as I sort everything out and decks *SHOULD* be going out this week and very soon!!! 

I can't wait for you to receive the pandas!! 


If you have any questions, you can use the Contact Me form to reach me! It gets sent directly to my e-mail inbox, so I'll see it for sure xo 


Panda hugs,